V7-  1. It’s been a year since we did our first interview with you and it’s been a really good year  for you. Rumor has it that your trying to paint a ton of trains for 2012. Whats your goal number? Whats your current number of freights as of June?

ZUAWE-  ”Yeah man I’m trying to paint at least 200 pieces or more this year, I wanted to do them all on trains but it’s tough…so as many as I can do,walls and trains. So far I have 58 freights and more to come.”

V7-  2. Sounds nice, good start too. I think you got it. Your style has been developing greatly in the past 2 years. I see you as an innovator for the future of graffiti. With that said what words of advice would you give to the next generation in regards to style development.?

ZUAWE-  ”Thanks man..well the main thing is to have foundation of letter structure and then just experiment and create a style that represents yourself.”

V7- 3.  Foundation is key, good point… When I first moved here OK graffiti was relatively low key, but now it seams you and your boys have put it down hard. Do you see yourself as being on the for-front of the graff movement in OK? Got any plans to expand outside of the USA?

ZUAWE- “Every couple years graffiti rises and dies in Oklahoma cause writers come and go…but we’re the ones that will keep going til death. We may not be in the streets anymore.. cause for what? It’s only us that have put in work hard in the past 7 years and all the pigs wants us in bars…so I’m like not really trying to paint in the city but more on freights.”

V7- 4. Yeah most def. So any plans yet on making some shirts, or would you ever do designs for a clothing company?

ZUAWE- ” Not now but maybe in the future I don’t know.”

V7 – 5. Whats your favorite paint to use on trains and favorite for walls? Any plans to paint with an exclusive paint supplier?

ZUAWE- “I’ve lately been using fresh paint but no bueno..it’s all about rusto and painters touch the only brand I trust.”

V7 -6. Haha yes Rusto is King.  So how did you ever get into graff, what was the main inspiration?

ZUAWE-  ”I’ve always seen it around but it never caught my attention until one day in 7th grade this dude in my class had these sketches and I was like woah………..It was Flone/Mavek he inspired me.”

V7- 7. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 yin 10 years? Graffiti? Work? Hows your train goal coming so far?

ZUAWE- “ Well I don’t know hopefully still painting and alive lol..and about the trains I’ve lost count but expect dozens of dozens of new ones yo! peace.” -Zuawe

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